Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A word that is not a word

This is the word that I've been mentioning that Katzenjammer (one of my new favorite bands ;-) have used - have coined - to describe their own music. Don't say I didn't warn you.

In Norwegian: skranglevisefolkpoprockbluegrasspåsirkus-medcowboyogindianermusikk.

My attempted translation:
rickety rattle folk pop rock bluegrass at the circus with cowboys and Indians-music.

KAS or someone, please try coming up with a better translation ... seriously. :-)


kccat said...

wow, that's quite a word. :)

Paz said...

ah perfectly logical :D, whatyamacallit music played on the yokeymabob and the thingymajig with the smiley face.
those are made up words used in Ireland frequently to add to your collection.

Leisha Camden said...

I like 'thingummy' a lot but I use 'thingamajig' more often.

I wonder why that is.

Paz said...

" I wonder why that is" a woman's mind is far beyond my comprehension, to answer that one madam, but Thingamajig has more whatyamacallit, if ya standunder me!

Leisha Camden said...

LOL!! :-D

Hilðe said...

Haha, funny one! ^^

Findabair said...

Brilliant word! And a brilliant example of how Norwegian writes words together to form compound words while English does not :))