Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So far not a landslide

What a surprise ...

It's really really late here now - like 2:30am - and I'm starting to get annoyingly tired. Need to sleep ... sleep ... zzz ...

So far no clear answer is available; McCain is doing better than expected. Big surprise ... or no, maybe not so much. But from what they're saying here - I'm watching Norwegian TV, namely NRK, our national broadcasting company - Obama seems to be ahead. It looks like he has the requisite 270 electors. I hope it's true. But I think I'll have to get some sleep before I find out. Maybe I'll sleep on the couch with the TV on. That'll be a first. :-)

I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and find out how it's turned out. Here's hoping there will be a clear and indisputable answer by then.


kccat said...

Don't want to jinx anything but I think Obama has it. He is at 270, and still has California, Oregon, and Washington to collect. Virgina and Florida and North Carolina are in his favor at the moment.

Go Obama.

RHJ said...

Uff, så kjedelig jeg er. La meg lenge før midnatt og sov gjennom hele opptellingen.

På den annen side var jeg blant de første i Norge som fikk med meg resultatet på radioen da jeg stod opp :-)

Leisha Camden said...

He got it. :-)

And by so many electors. I am very happy with this result. The American people has put some of my prejudice to shame. ;-)

How he'll ever be able to fulfill even a fraction of the expectations people have of him now I have no idea, but this was definitely the only right choice for the United States.