Monday, November 24, 2008

Raphael Climbing And Falling I

In case anyone's wondering why I still haven't posted more about Egypt, there is a perfectly natural explanation. Really. The thing is that I still haven't gotten CH's photos from her, I've still only got the ones I took myself. Which is no big deal, I mean, I have plenty. ;-) But for obvious reasons, she has a lot of pictures of me, whereas I have lots of pictures of her … and, call me crazy, if I'm going to be posting pictures of us here I would like to be in them myself too occasionally. :-) And I also know that she has some really great shots that I would love to post … one especially from the pyramids which is what's coming up next on my list. (I'm doing the trip chronologically, as you may have noticed. :-) So I've been putting off the Egypt posts till I get her pictures and can really go crazy. They’re in the mail now so they should arrive … today. :-o I can’t hardly wait!!

So there are lots and lots more Egypt posts coming up, very soon. In the meantime, here are some funny turtle pictures to tide you over.

I wanna climb up here …

Damnit, this again!!

OK, now I’m not interested.

These pictures were taken in the summer of 2006.

Don't forget the giveaway! Last day tomorrow or thereabouts ... :-)


Paz said...

you should leave some of the books down low for him, thats just cruel leaving them out of reach

Leisha Camden said...


He just wants to pee on them, and he can do that anywhere, so I don't feel too mean actually. ;-)

Paz said...

you lie looked to me like he was going for the Agatha Christie book on the second shelf!

Anonymous said...

Haha, love the one where he's on his back!

Leisha Camden said...

He loves to climb, but he tends to repeat the same pattern - he finds someplace to climb, and then struggles to climb it, for basically however long it takes ... unless he falls over onto his back, in which case he almost always loses interest immediately. If that happens then he seems to decide that this isn't a good climbing spot after all. Regardless of how enthusiastic he may have been just seconds earlier. :-) But if he just slides down it's not a problem, then he'll just try again. My little chelonian weirdo. :-)