Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Katzenjammer again, + giveaway #1!

I forgot to look for the article, or interview rather, where they use that word they've made up to describe their own music. Dagnabbit! I'll dig it up tonight. And I'll try to translate it too, but, well, I make no promises. :-)

Like I said yesterday, taking pictures during the concert wasn't allowed. I hang my head in shame. But I couldn't stop myself. I also couldn't stop myself from filming parts of the show. >:-) In for a penny, in for a pound, right? My defense will have to be that there was a number of people doing the same thing and nobody did anything to stop them. OK, us. So I figured it wasn’t that big a deal. In this digital age etc …

I don't have a lot more to say today, I just want to share these videos. The last post was after all about a band and their music – I don't think still images alone are anywhere near enough to convey impressions about that. Also, it has to do with my giveaway … but here are the videos first of all.

To the Sea

Wading in Deeper

A Bar in Amsterdam

The end of the concert. A good time was had by all. :-)

Any thoughts?? :-) Like? Don't like? I know this is music that not everybody likes – some people seem to find it just annoying and not much more, too messy, too much of everything. But that's the Katzenjammer sound and I guess … well, don't like it, don't listen to it. :-) Which leads me neatly on to the giveaway … which I hope someone will be interested in!! ;-) I guess all I need is one person … but, of course, the more the merrier. :-)

Back story/chronicle of my thoughts which probably won't interest anyone: a couple of months ago I wrote my 300th blog post, and when I did I thought maybe I should have some kind of contest or giveaway to celebrate. I've noticed people doing things like that on their blogs and I think it's great. Pay it forward, etc. But it felt like so much hassle just then. And I wasn't sure I had enough people stopping by to make it that much fun, anyway. ;-) So I didn't. (Mainly because of the hassle. ;-) I had zero clever ideas in my head just then and it seemed really stressful to have to come up with one. Hey, it was the weekend … ) I thought I'd do it for my 500th. But then I did get some ideas, and 'till 500' seemed a really long time to wait … so then I thought I'd do it for the 400th. But then I forgot to look out for that and then it had been and gone. (I think it was the Memphis one.) So then I said to myself, To hell with it, I'll just have it whenever I feel like it. Ie, whenever I manage to come up with an idea worthy of my … um … cleverness ;-) ... and I have the time & energy and basically whenever I want. :-)

So consider this my first ever giveaway on this blog. (Hopefully not the last.) It's not a contest – I thought about making it one but no, that'd be too much work. ;-) So there's nothing you have to do to join the draw except leave a comment here to the effect that you do want to join. And obviously there must be some way for me to contact you … and you have to be prepared to give me a shipping address. I'll leave it open for a week or so and then draw a random winner from among whoever entered. The prize will be – not a huge surprise – a copy of Katzenjammer's CD Le Pop. (Since I’m not rich it will have to be a CD-R copy, but I will make it as fancy as I can. :-) The package will probably also include some other items and I cannot promise that chocolate will not be involved.

This is open to anyone & everyone regardless of country of residence, I'll ship anywhere. :-)

If you like the music, why not join the draw. :-) Leave a comment and let's see how far we get.


James said...


No one's left a comment! Says a lot, doesn't it!

HA! H-oh, shit...

Paz said...

Count me in

Mombi said...

Why not?

Shipping to US might suck, though. ;-)

Leisha Camden said...

James - ha ha yourself!! In fact: Bwahahaha!!!

Paz, Meghan, you're in ... and no, shipping to the US is not a problem. Thanks for mentioning that, I'll edit the post to make it clear it's international. :-)

Paz said...

By the time your post comes you'll have many more takers!

Leisha Camden said...

Or maybe none ... in which case I'll send one to both of you. ;-)

Rose said...

Oh Kristen,
Im a true "rocker" at heart....give me ACDC/Pearl Jam/ Nickleback/Scorpions anyday!!! Your blog inspires and motivates me, everyday, Im a winner ever post!!!!
Hugs xxx

Off the Derech said...

Hey, I'm in!

Findabair said...

Interesting music! Though a bit too unmelodious for me, so I'll pass, in the hopes that someone will win who likes it better than me - just wanted to say thanks for sharing :)