Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Obviously my post today will have to be about the US election. Which I am SO GRATEFUL will be over soon. I'm sick and tired of hearing about it what feels like 24/7, and maybe when all the hullaballoo dies down the media will get around to focusing on more important things, like the situation in Congo. Anyway. My thoughts.

I hope Obama wins. Right now it looks like he will. But absolutely nobody knows. I wouldn't be surprised at all if McCain ends up winning. And then it'll play out like I blogged about here. It's the worst-case scenario for the world, definitely. Gaah ... I hardly even want to go into it. These people are so disgusting. Sorry, but that's how I feel. Bill Maher said it best - conservatives aren't fit to govern, because they think government is a bad thing. I don't understand why more people don't see that. Oh well.

Why do I hope Obama wins? Not for political reasons. Politically, there's nothing to choose from this year ... as usual. Seriously, speaking as a Scandinavian, I can make a prediction about the election that will be 100% correct, guaranteed: the winner will be a right wing nutcase. The media wants us to think that this is such a big deal, politically; that the Americans are choosing between two completely different things. Yeah, right. How come people fall for that shit? Obama and McCain, metaphorically black and white? That is such bullshit. Literally - the same shit in different wrapping. >:-) Both candidates are probably bought and paid for by pretty much the same lobby groups - I hope this is less true of Obama, but I don't actually know - both are totally in Israel's pocket and will continue to stomp on US interests by blindly supporting that disgusting racist regime, neither candidate will do anything to alter the clearly fascist Patriot Acts. I've read some articles about how Americans supposedly fear a one-party state - that's a joke, they already have one. The two parties they apparently think they have are just two fractions of the same ... I'm almost tempted to call it conspiracy. The divide between Republican and Democrat is to the outside observer mostly a false dichotomy.

I hope I'm not offending my American readers by calling Americans idiots and so forth ... nothing personal, I do know that there are several US citizens who are not completely stupid ;-) ... it's actually because I do give you credit for intelligence that I use those kinds of cheap rhetorical tricks. I like generalizations ... they sound snappy. And to be honest, it is painfully easy to dig up shit that does make Americans look pretty much beyond ridiculous. Like this post on the Chit-Chat forum on BookCrossing. Seriously, read that post. The guy who wrote it is a member whom I suspect is actually a troll ... because nobody can really be that fucking stupid. I mean ... wtf? If Obama wins, he will 'endure the nightmare' that his presidency will result in? And this is a person who allegedly has some education and works as a teacher. So you'll have to forgive me for not having a great deal of faith in Joe the Plumber ... >:-)

The fact is that regardless of who wins, nothing fundamental will change. Obama's probably a really nice guy, but he can't work miracles. And like all other US politicians who's ever gotten anywhere worth mentioning, he is a right wing nutcase. Decrying him as a 'socialist' makes whoever does it sound like a complete and utter idiot. There is no socialism in the US. And look where it's gotten them. Oh no, Obama wants to turn your country into someplace like Sweden?? You fucking wish.

But I digress. The difference between Obama and McCain does not lie in their politics. Something which should be obvious to everyone. The difference is that Obama has qualities that McCain lacks, and that Obama can do things for his nation that McCain cannot. I believe that Barack Obama can restore the dignity to the office. That in itself would be a wonderful thing. But even beyond that ... basically, you guys - Americans - you cannot elect a guy who's a hundred years old and looks like he's gonna keel over any moment. Seriously. You have difficult times ahead of you. In all likelihood, very difficult times that will last for a very long time. You need someone who's young and strong, someone who can inspire you, who can unite you, help you to stand together and pull the load together. John McCain is not that man. But Barack Obama will be - if you let him.

I have more to say but less energy to say it with ... I'll be watching the election broadcasts on Norwegian TV tonight, though, so I'll probably post again before the night is over.

Good luck to the inexperienced Illinois senator.


Paz said...

your right a right wing nut will get in, Its like that episode of the Simpsons where the choice was Kang and Kodos (tree house of horrors VII, Citizan Kang). The only saving grace is the current Moron will be out!

kccat said...

I waited 3 hours in line last night to vote early. Obama better get it.

Everyone is so nervous. Let me correct myself, all liberal/democrats and those with half a brain are nervous today. We have been burned twice in the last 8 years, I don't we could handle another bad election.

Leisha Camden said...

POST NOW UPDATED ... I finally finished it, so please check back. :-)

Paz, excellent comparison, that's exactly what it's like!! The thing is that politically, the two of them are so close, but the differences lie in the kind of - dare I say it - vision the two of them have for their country. One of which sucks, the other could be pretty good. So ... all we can do is hope. Literally.

kccat: Good luck, my fingers are crossed, I'll be watching. The world will be watching. I think you're very right that another botched election like the one in 2000 would be disastrous for your country. Here's hoping Obama will get a big enough lead that cheating would be too blatant.

That said, nothing will surprise me.

Paz said...

well finished and when I saw the word "dichotomy" I laughed as I know a lot of people that would claim English as their first language and would not have heard the word.

Leisha Camden said...

I am a genius!!

Paz said...

Modest too!! :)