Wednesday, November 5, 2008

They did it, by Jove, they did it!

Yess ... !!!

Congratulations to the American people. My most dire prejudices have been put to shame. :-) The best choice has been made for a bad situation, and an inspired man will lead his people. It'll be a sight to see. :-) And the world will be watching.

I didn't watch all night, I caved in at around 3:15. Then I got my duvet from the bedroom and went to sleep on the couch with the TV on. :-D Nothing was decided by then, far from it. Then I woke up at around 5:20 and looked at the TV and there was a banner across the bottom of the screen that said Barack Obama new US president. Yay. Then I went to sleep for another couple of hours and got up and went to work. Things have been hectic here today so I haven't read too much news coverage online. Mainly in Dagbladet, which of course have had lots of profound insights. :-D My favorite quote of the day* is this one from some Republican woman who's just crushed that McCain lost: Obama is evil and cruel. He’ll turn this into a socialist country. [We fear him] because of all his radical acquaintances, because he will tax us to death and because he’s so Palestine-friendly (my translation).

Ahahahahaha!!!! :-D What a stupid stupid idiot!! :-D Guess she'll be in for the shock of her life when, guess what, pretty much nothing changes. ;-) 'Tax us to death'!! LOL!! When the voting public demands that its public servants be fiscally responsible, yet don't understand the difference between taxing and spending on the one hand, and borrowing and spending on the other ... well, let's just say that the new president's got his work cut out for him. :-D

Nothing much will change, like I said, except perhaps the entire mood of the country. :-) I hope for the best for the American people and for their new leader. (I'm already looking forward to the inauguration ceremony.) As for Norway, we'll probably only notice one difference, which will be negative - the new administration will hassle us more about soldiers for Afghanistan. Us and every other NATO member. But for the great gift of not having to see John McCain's ancient mug in every newspaper for the next four years, it's probably a small price to pay.

Congratulations to the new president! He's already a historical figure. All the best of luck to him and to his family and supporters.

*It has been SO FUNNY during this campaign to see all the Republican voters who figured they had to vote for McCain because Obama would raise those dastardly taxes. :-D Like any president could possibly avoid raising taxes in this current situation! zomg too funny. And tax rates don't matter anyway, it's what you get for your taxes that counts. I'll have to blog about taxes and Americans vs Europeans one of these days ... :-)


Leah said...

I hope you don't mind me contacting you - I saw your post about the problem with images not re-sizing the way they used to. It looks like you found a solution - would you mind e-mailing me and telling me what you did? I'm having the same problem and can't seem to find a solution! I'm at or you can find me at my blog:

Thank you in advance! Leah

Mombi said...

Don't you just love all of the drama queens? Obama was elected and the world will not explode. Terrorists will not go running through the streets.

We'll get the American economy back on track, we'll improve morale, and we'll invest in new industries.

If we achieve those 3 things, I'm going to be a very happy person.

Deborah said...

hello, i found your blog because of the story about the lady traveler and pres-elect obama and the luggage... this story is now a huge email forward going all over the country here!

I didn't really believe it until i found your blog and "read" the actual danish version. well, no, i don't read danish but you know what i mean.

thank you so much for your post about the story. it meant a lot to me.

kccat said...

Yes, I am quite happy to say I am an American today. Justice has been done. The last 8 years have been unbearable and the thought of waking up to another republican president was very sickening. I went to sleep last night with a happy heart and it was a nice change compared to the last two presidential elections. I am also happy to say I belong to Ohio. The last two elections made it quite hard to be an Ohioian.

I knew it wouldn't take long before the hate would arise and I saw it as early as minutes after the election was called on an election board where people were posting about the election. Sad really. I have a sickening feeling the "n" word is going to make a huge comeback. I have heard it twice already today. We gave their guy 8 years and he couldn't do it. Let's give our guy a chance now.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Go President Obama!
Today is one hell of a happy day!

I was upset, though, to see that California did pass Prop 8. Those people need to get over their nonexistent "sanctity of marriage" and afford equal rights to all tax-paying adult citizens.

Mombi said...

Man, that is one beautiful first family.

Paz said...

By Jove he done it, Tally ho old girl. Pity they are concentrating the colour of his skin and comparing it to a Catholic JFK getting in, goes against the 'All men created equal" I know that it is a huge thing to get a black man in, but a man should not be judged by the colour of his skin but the content of his character, I think someone once said that ;)
PS BTW I think the name of your paper 'Dagbladet' sounds like the cursing of an angry miner in the old cowboy films. ie where you see an old guy trying to drag a mule with hilarious consequences , then he mutters " Tarnation, will you move you pesky mule, Dagbladet"