Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Congratulations ... !!

... to my best friend C.'s little sister L., who I also consider my dear friend and who just had her first baby about an hour ago. :-D Two days past the due date. C. just sent me an MMS with a picture. Aww. (And as an aside: the marvels of modern technology ... !! o_O) Congratulations to the new mom and new dad, and, not least, new big sister T. ... who I'm sure is metaphorically turning cartwheels right now. ;-) And to C., she's an auntie now!! And to hers and L.'s parents too - grandparents for the first time. Aw. Now I'll have to think up some kewl present ... !!

Welcome to the world, Emma Margrethe!!! :-)


Paz said...

may i suggest a voucher to a baby photographer, besides getting is clothes that the parents will search for in vain to put on the baby when you are calling around to see her

Anne Ida said...

Wohoo! Welcome to the world, Emma Margrete! And congratulations to auntie C and the rest of the family!

Leisha Camden said...

Paz - great ideas! One practical and considerate, the other with entertainment value for the giver. How to choose ... !!

Anne Ida - if you want I can show you a picture on Thursday. Remind me. ;-)