Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random thoughts on the inauguration

Glued to the TV set ... check. :-) I literally ran off from work to catch the first possible bus, to get home asap and park myself in front of the TV to watch every moment I could of the live broadcast. It's an experience ... one that I wouldn't want to miss. Whereas GWB's inaugurations I didn't even consider watching. There's something special about that Obama guy, there really is ...

Hardly anyone cheered for Georgie, that rocked. :-) They are just so over him. :-D

Why aren't they consistent with the names? The Vice President-Elect Joseph R Biden Jr ... but Vice President Dick Cheney?? Why not either Joseph R and Richard B, or Joe and Dick? I don't get it. I mean, I'd get it if they were consistent either way. But if they're going to say Dick, they might as well say Joe, too. He doesn't go by Joseph any more than Cheney goes by Richard.

Oh, and Tricky Dick II injured himself while packing papers in his office?? Hm. Papers that were going to the shredder, then, I assume. >:-)

Rick Warren can't count. The transition from one president to the other is not happening today for the 44th time, like he said; it's the 43rd time. Just like New Year's Eve 1999 did not see the dawn of a new century (ho-hum); the new century began on January 1st, 2001. When will people get this?? God obviously won't be helping anyone with it ... I guess god can't count either.

WTF was that thing on Aretha Franklin's head?? Doesn't she have mirrors in her house?? Her birthday's in a couple of months, I hope someone will give her one.

zomg he's president!! Barack Obama's president!! :-o And he's still alive. I've got chills. But aww, he was so nervous! :-D Charming IMO - whereas if GWB had done the same, I'd have decried him as a retarded monkey. Isn't that interesting. >:-)

Speech IMO not great, but good. Some incorrect statements of belief (eg 'our workers are as productive as ever, our minds are as inventive as ever' - lol, I highly doubt it!!), some bullshit, some creepy pandering to the warmongering demographic. But what he said about the environment, resources etc - that was very good and very important. I just hope someone will actually listen ... but again, I tend to doubt it. :-(

Overall a good speech, but hardly 'Four score and seven years ago' ... to my ears, at least. It got better towards the end. Inspirational, I guess ...

All this god talk is so annoying. God bless this and that. What's wrong with these people?? Do they not read the papers?? This god of theirs blessed them with GWB, that's how much he loved them, and now look what things are like over there. Yet another example of how those who suffer the most from it are always the ones who most staunchly defend the system ...

Joseph Lowery's speech got really good though. The ending bit about the colors, that rocked. He's funny. :-D

Oh, the Star-Spangled Banner. What an awful, awful song. I'm sorry, Americans ... but your national anthem is a really bad song. It's nothing to do with you or your government's politics or anything else. It's just a very bad song. You poor people who have to force your way through it. Give me the Hymn of the Federation any day. But at least they only sang the first verse.

OK, so it wasn't that the President (woo-hoo!) got nervous, it was that the other guy did it wrong. Ah, of course! Obama obviously can't do anything wrong. I should have known.

Well, that's that. Congrats!! Change has come. (Sorry, but: *rollseyes*) Kinda creepy when someone, before the principals had entered the stage, said the word 'change' in some context, and the crowd cheered just because of that. Umm ... Here's hoping that all the massive amounts of hard work that the American people no doubt have ahead of them won't be off-putting to anyone. Their culture in the 21st century so values struggle and sacrifice, so it shouldn't be a problem. *cough* Well ... good luck, guys. You're gonna need it. But now you at least have a hell of a guy to break the path for you. Please don't shoot him.

Bush is leaving town! Yay!! Me so happy, happy! That's one bad habit you've kicked already right there. ;-)


Paz said...

he got a few digs in two but agree was not the best speech, it was also unusual because it was of its time, not timeless like some of the better speech's, especially because of his past performance as an orator.

Lina said...

Just finsihed work so missed all of it. I just hope Obama will be as good as he seems. Heck just half as good will do! But yeah poor guy has a lot to live up to.

Leisha Camden said...

A lot to live up to, you can say that again!! Poor guy, ITA ... he will never be able to live up to half of what people expect. But I do believe that he will sincerely do his best with humility and respect for the American people ... and that in itself will be a big change.

The speech actually disappointed me a little, I've heard better from him. But the last third or thereabouts was really good. I've heard from Americans online that he had them in tears, though ... so I guess if we were natives of the place we might have liked it more. ;-)