Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zofies verden 280109

This is a funny comic, when it's funny. Sometimes it's just stupid. But today's strip is funny. :-)

In English:
-That Barack Obama's no good. He's been at it for more than a week now and there's still war in the Middle East, poverty and huge global environmental problems.
-That guy's all talk.


CiViX said...

Hehe, ja for en gangs skyld var det en vits jeg kunne forstå. Synes som regel den stripa er totalt uforståelig.

Paz said...


Leisha Camden said...

This particular strip is funny, and they sometimes come up with absolutely hilarious jokes, but overall this comic is more hit and miss than any other comic I've ever read.

The Cog said...

...hmmm...I think I work with these people.

Paz said...

I know your pain, I worked with a guy that thought a a film that was a 'Black Comedy' starred Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy.
Leisha I emailed a cartoon specific to Norway & religion that you might find amusing

Leisha Camden said...

Cog - lol! I'll buy that!! :-D

Paz - thanks for the cartoon, I've seen it before actually, it's a really good one. Maybe I should post it on the blog. :-) Thanks for the photo too, that was hilarious!!! :-D