Wednesday, January 21, 2009

RIP Fadime Sahindal

She died seven years ago today, only 27 years old. IMO, one of the most heinous crimes in Scandinavian history. A tragedy ... in so many ways.

A young woman who had grown up in Sweden ... who wanted to live like a normal Swedish woman, and who fell in love. Her family could not accept the choices she made for her life. Threats were made, a lawsuit filed and won, and finally a compromise reached - Fadime would stay away from her home town of Uppsala, and her father would no longer persecute her. Her father wanted nothing to do with her, and he instructed the rest of the family to follow his lead. But her mother could not sever her bonds with her daughter, and they continued to meet in secret. On January 21st, 2002, she was visiting with her family. The doorbell rang, and she went to open. It was her father who stood there - and it was her father, her own flesh and blood, who shot her twice in the head. She died in her sister's arms.

I hope she will never be forgotten. RIP.


Lina said...

I remember hearing about that, but when it happen in Sweden I had already moved to England. I actually know someone like that, who had to move away from her family for the same reason. She had to change name and everything. She harldy ever talks about it but sometimes she mentions how much she misses her mum. makes me feel so sorry for her.

Paz said...

I saw the documentary on this and on others in hiding in Europe, it is very sad.
Others who were brought up in Europe and were sent to their parents homeland to marry someone they had never met in a culture that was alien, they were basically hostages that were raped and could do nothing about it.
Good post , thanks for sharing

Leisha Camden said...

I agree, this is most of all so sad for everyone involved. Sad for the angry fathers too who can't see past their so-called 'honor' to their own children's happiness. It's so important that we all remember events like this, because they shouldn't be allowed to happen in our countries.

Fadime was supposed to marry some cousin from Kurdistan that she didn't even know. Imagine how her life would have been if she'd given in to her family's pressure. She'd probably still be alive, but ... ?

Lina, that's so sad about your friend. I can't imagine never seeing my mother again. And how sad for her mother too to not be able to have any contact with her daughter. :-(

Just bad and sad all round. :-(