Monday, January 26, 2009

MONTENEGRO: Andrea Demirović - Just Get Out of My Life

Andrea Demirović will represent Montenegro in Moscow. The entry was chosen on January 23rd.

This actually isn't half bad. It's catchy, it has a good beat, it has a rhythm that people will remember. I wouldn't be surprised if this song does pretty well. It's not the winner, no chance of that. But depending on the competition it may end up doing quite well. The lyrics, of course, are pretty stupid. Another example of an ESC entry that would have been seriously improved by being performed in - in this case - Montenegrino, so that most of the rest of Europe wouldn't have to understand just how stupid they are. But I digress.

Montenegro have kind of a sad ESC history so far. This will be their third year competing; they failed to qualify for the final in both Helsinki and Belgrade. Yugoslavia aside, they had previously competed for two years as part of another, now defunct state - Serbia & Montenegro. The two nations broke apart in 2006, after a great deal of public debate ... and believe it or not, the ESC was in fact the trigger for this split. Prior to Athens 2006, no agreement could be reached as to the Serbian/Montenegrino entry. The former wanted a Serbian song, and the latter a Montenegrino one. Unsurprisingly. The bigger and stronger Serbia would not accept the Montenegrino winner, a great deal of debate ensued and the upshot was that these 'twin realms' sent no entry at all to Greece. (But you're sure you remember hearing, Hello Athens, this is Belgrade calling ... ?? Yes, since the entrance fee had already been paid, Serbia & Montenegro did cast their votes in the international final, although they did not compete themselves.) The public outrage that led to Montenegro tearing itself away from big brother Serbia was triggered by an article written by a very influential journalist whose name escapes me at the moment - an article about the Eurovision Song Contest, entitled, rather strikingly, No State, No Song!

So ... in 2007, the two nations travelled to Finland to compete separately. While united, they had done quite badly in the contest. Now separated, in Helsinki, Montenegro failed to qualify ... and Serbia won. :-D That's how it goes ... !! :-D

Anyway. This is Andrea Demirović performing Just Get Out of My Life, music & lyrics by José Juan Santana Rodriguez, Peter Match & Gunter Johansen, who will be competing for Montenegro.

I couldn't find a video of the actual performance, sorry! (I know you'll all be so disappointed. >:-) I'll keep looking and update later.

Lyrics here. Pretty stupid.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, this was rather dreadful in my opinion - not my thing at ALL.

(See? I'm doing my best to become corrupted ;))

Leisha Camden said...

You're participating, that's what counts! Yay! :-)

I updated the post, I hope you'll check back and read the new version. It's kind of an interesting story, what happened with Serbia & Montenegro, and in a way because of the ESC. :-)

As for this song, it isn't really my thing either. But my review of it is pretty good. I think your comment really shows the two different ways that you and I view these things. You make up your mind about the song by what you think of it personally ... whereas I think of it more in the terms of the contest. I don't like this song very much myself, but it definitely has the potential to do relatively well. I've schooled myself to see the bigger picture ... I guess that's the only way I'm able to endure some of this stuff. Did you listen to the Albanian song yet?? Talk about dreadful ... and not even rather, but completely ... ! >;-)

Paz said...

I agree with the sentiment of the title of the blog, "MONTENEGRO: Andrea Demirović - Just Get Out of My Life" Ur doin it rite ;P LOL

nona 35 said...

Check out today's rehearsal!
(I can't say I like it!)

Leisha Camden said...

The presentation of this song sucked. They shot themselves in the foot.