Wednesday, January 14, 2009

David vs Goliath

In which, since this is the real world and not an ancient book of irrational fairy tales, Goliath stomps on David and brutally crushes him.

I said yesterday that my next post would be about something serious, so ... here you go. Some random thoughts on the brutal slaughter now ongoing in the open-air prison known as Gaza, referred to by Western media - for some incomprehensible reason - as a 'war'.

First of all: I am not an anti-Semite. Despite the fact that I am Norwegian. Whatever you may have heard, anti-Semitism is not rampant in this country. Forces in USrael clearly have an interest in tarring us with that brush. This is because they either are incapable of distinguishing, or because they do not wish to distinguish between entirely valid criticism of policies carried out by the government of USrael on the one hand, and dislike of Jews in general on the other. These things are unrelated. It's obvious that there are many who have great political interest in the blurring of the line between them. Don't let them get away with it. Anti-Semitism is not more widespread in Norway than in any other European country - and to the extent that it is in fact growing, I, for my part, blame the current USraeli regime for that - but the political climate here allows more criticism of USrael than in certain other places. (Sweden, I'm looking at you.) And that is exactly what the powers that be in USrael don't like and would rather stamp out if they only could.

I am not an anti-Semite - to be honest I don't care about the Jewish people either way, for or against. I am against their religion, as I loathe and despise all religions of Middle Eastern origins. But that's another story. What I am, though, and not ashamed to admit it, is an anti-Zionist. I don't believe these people should have their own state. Look at what those that they have elected are using it for. They're doing to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to them. It makes me sick. USrael use the Holocaust for all it's worth - it's an industry, literally - and there's a significant group of USraelis always banging on about how we must never forget the Holocaust, never forget the Holocaust, on and on. (Despite the fact that they, percentage-wise, clearly suffered less than other groups who are almost never mentioned in this connection.) But personally, I think I could have managed to remember the godawful Holocaust with only verbal reminders - I do not need a reenactment.

Random thoughts ...

The reason for the offensive against Gaza now is that there is an election coming up in USrael, and Kadima want to win. That's it. 'Defending against aggression from Hamas' = LIES AND BULLSHIT. Lies, lies, lies, that's all the USraeli regime spews out into the world. It's worthless. They offend my intelligence with their blatant mendacity. They're dropping bombs on Gaza to 'take out' Hamas rocket firing ramps. Are you fucking kidding me??! Those things are portable!! They're so goddamned tiny that one person can probably carry a dozen of them at a time. This lie is so obvious that it's ridiculous. But the Western media swallow it hook, line and sinker. A lot of people ought to be really ashamed of themselves.

Two Arab parties have been denied participation in next month's elections. Has this been reported in our media? I haven't seen it. Allegedly, they can't be allowed to participate because they have the political goal of destroying USrael. Another lie. What they want is to create a true democracy in USrael, one which gives equal civil rights to every citizen regardless of religious affiliation and/or ethnic background. But of course, that would destroy USrael from the point of view of many.

The Wall. A complete and utter abomination. The UN should go in and physically tear it down. But oh no, it's so useful, it's decreased the number of suicide bombings by umpteen! Bullshit. You can get over the wall if you want. It happens. The suicide bombings dropped in number because Hamas leaders ordered it - because they realized it was costing them foreign support. Something USrael itself ought to learn from.

An average USraeli citizen is 34 times more likely to be killed in traffic than by a Hamas rocket. That's according to USraeli statistics. NO, it's not right for Palestinians to kill USraelis. That's not what I'm saying. It's not right for anyone to kill anyone. But if some random unknown family had come to your house (backed by the police), taken your house for themselves and forced you to live in the filthy dangerous basement, based on the claim that their great-great-great-great-great grandpa lived there first. You would not take that sitting down.

This makes me so fucking angry. I have more random thoughts ... but I probably ought to take a walk round the block before writing more just now. People absolutely suck.


Ubesvart said...


Two Arab parties have been denied participation in next month's elections. Has this been reported in our media? I haven't seen it.


VG: Arabiske partier får ikke stille i israelsk valg

Dagbladet: Arabiske partier utestengt fra israelsk valg

Leisha Camden said...

Excellent, thank you. Too bad those papers are so shitty that I hardly ever buy them anymore. And reading VG online - that doesn't happen. Worst layout ever. Dagbladet online I do read daily, usually ... but obviously not enough recently. Thanks for the links.

Paz said...

I am 100% behind you on this, they are only doing this because good ol G.W. wont do anything in his last days and England are too worried about economy . Ironically an Irish politician told the only Jewish politician in Ireland and the Israel ambassador to Ireland that Goebbels would have been proud of their rhetoric on the reasons for such an attack, he got slammed for this saying that he caused hurt to the Jewish because he compared them to a Nazi!(the guy who said it is from Sinn Fein the politcal wing of the illegal IRA army but I still agree with his sentiments). I am not anti semite either, This is another example of where USA and England got involved and F"£ked it up, India/Pakistan, Korea, Afganistan, Ireland etc etc
Its heavier alright than yesterdays but I applaud you for writing!

Leisha Camden said...


That's typical about that Irish politician, USraeli representatives are incredibly sensitive to any perceived slight on their supposed national honor or whatever. Most of these slights seem to be imagined, from where I'm standing. At least in this country. It's amazing to me that they don't see themselves that when they cry anti-Semitism at the drop of a hat, they're only damaging their own cause, that's all they're achieving.

This is really all to do with February's elections. It's a tragedy that they're getting away with it. As KAS said to me yesterday, no one on earth but USrael could possibly get away with this. Because, I'd say, we all feel so sorry for them because of WWII. I wonder how long we non-Jews are going to carry around that collective guilt, and how long USrael are going to be holding it over our heads. When everyone who lived through the 1940s is dead, will they still be able to guilt trip us about it then ... ?

Paz said...

"That's typical about that Irish politician" not sure that is good or bad, but Irish people due to our history tend to support those whom have been invaded, also could be due to our ancestry, DNA evidence lately has shown that the first settlers here were Basque.
Also not helping is the money Israel and Egypt get from the US gov thanks to Jimmy Carter, and the fact that the US supply all Israels arms thanks to that money

Leisha Camden said...

What I mean by it being typical was that the USraeli reaction to the criticism was typical. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

I think it's a good thing to sympathize with the underdog - the guy with the gun doesn't need your support, so to speak.

If the US withdrew its support, can you imagine what would happen to USrael?? They'd better keep their fingers crossed that that never happens. But it should, because that support runs directly counter to US interests. It's so weird how they seem to think that it's a good thing for them (the Americans I mean). Another example of how religion screws with people's minds ...