Monday, January 19, 2009

'Sandra and Keanu Tell All'

I promised James that this week's Keanupicture would be something even he could enjoy. It exists!! Not a picture, though, but a video. Even you Keanuhaters out there have got to watch this ... in fact maybe especially you, but I have to say that Keanufans who take offense at this (of which there are some) need to grow up and get a sense of humor.

This video is so fucking funny ... ! I laughed my head off the first time I saw it and I still laugh now every time I watch it. (Yes, I am immature ... you got a problem with that?? :-) Make sure you watch it with the sound on, and read the subtitles. The subtitles are the whole point. It's so simple and so funny.

The clip is from an interview that Keanu did with Sandra Bullock to promote The Lake House back in ... 2006. But the subtitles, it's the subtitles ... !! :-D


Paz said...

Being immature is not a bad thing, if you can hold on to that in your 30's there is hope for you not turning into a dull middle aged person.
I embrace it, cherish and promote it ;)
its a very funny clip

Leisha Camden said...

I agree, on both counts. :-)

FYI: James texted me to say that he thinks this video is, and I quote in context, 'excellent'. So ... he enjoyed something with Keanu Reeves in it. I have the text message to prove it. ;-)