Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A new beginning

Only a very small and insignificant one, but still.

This week at work we've closed up shop and workedworkedworked packing up the place to get through our big move. It's a big job. We've got a lot of stuff. :-) Many of our suppliers have sent people to help us, so that's been great. But no matter how much help we get we still have to do a lot ourselves.

Anyway. I'm not so big on changes. Not that I don't deal well with them. I just don't like them much. :-) I prefer things to stay the same ... I feel as if I'm losing something when things change, even if it's just something totally unimportant like my parents replacing the couch in their living room (in a house where I haven't lived for years). And I may end up being much happier with the way things become after the change. But when I'm in the middle of it, it tends to get me down.

This whole move thing is a change, obviously. A pretty big one, since I do spend a lot of my time at work. We all do. That's not a bad thing, necessarily. I'd go spastic if I had to stay at home for more than ... a fortnight, tops. But it does mean that changes at work often end up being big changes in our lives. Even if it's just changes in the little things ... but those are often the most noticeable.

Like in my case, this move means a small change that I will really notice. For about three years now I've been taking the subway to work. This morning was probably the last time I did that (until I change jobs, maybe, but I have no plans to do that at the moment, so ...). From now on I'll be taking the bus. And I didn't even know that today was the last early morning subway ride. I just got a text message tonight telling me that I'll be more needed at the new location tomorrow, so I should go there instead of to our old building. So ... a change that is in itself small and insignificant, but still something that will really be different. Until I get used to that too, I guess. :-) It's making me a little sad tonight.

But! I come prepared. On the subway at that early hour, I normally don't get a seat. (That'll probably change on the bus, since I'll be getting on at the first stop.) Except in the days between Christmas and New Year's - there were so few passengers then that everyone got seats. I even got my favorite seat - by the window at the very front of the train. I love sitting there and looking out ... seeing almost exactly what the driver sees. And because I knew this day would come ;-) I decided to make a little digital keepsake to remember these three years of subway rides by. So ... if you want to experience the wonders of the Oslo subway system, this is your chance. :-)


Paz said...

good luck, our disaster is still ongoing, cool idea about the video clip. Also the subway wont "talk to you" again, thats sad.
Isn't it funny that as people get older they do not like change :P

Audhild said...

Lykke til :-) jeg ønsker meg en jobb jeg da.. må vel jobbe litt hardere for å få det til, men jeg vet iallefall hvilken plass jeg skal prøve å kapre neste gang jeg tar tbanen i oslo.. stilig video

Leisha Camden said...

Paz: I've actually never liked change, my whole life ... my parents make fun of me about it, whenever they suggest any change, like new chairs in the living room or whatever, I'm always hesitant ... 'I don't know, are you really sure it's necessary?' They always laugh at me when that happens. Their only child!! :-o

The subway may still offer me a friendly word occasionally, I will still be taking it whenever I need to get downtown. Like this afternoon. Maybe that will make it more special, actually, when I don't get to ride on it every day ... ;-)

Audhild: Hei, takk for visitten! :-D Ja, jeg hørte at du er på jobbjakt, lykke til. Ikke det letteste, men du finner helt sikkert noe bra etter hvert. :-) Helt foran er helt klart den beste plassen på t-banen, i de gamle togene i hvert fall. :-)