Monday, April 5, 2010

Academy Awards, bah humbug

There are lots of annoying things about Hollywood, but perhaps one of the most annoying is Oscar night. I try to avoid it, but sometimes I can't resist ... because sometimes Keanu presents (like this year), and of course I have to see that. ;-) But generally it's one giant cringefest as far as I'm concerned. Brr.

Think that's weird coming from an ESC fan?? Well, there's one big difference between the two events. Or actually, there's two. Can you spot them?


KAS said...

This is too difficult for us, you know. You'll just have to tell us the answer. =)

Leisha Camden said...

OK, I will. :-) First, the AA is totally insular - it's just a group of rich and famous people rewarding themselves - no one on the outside can influence it, we're just watching. Whereas the ESC is just the opposite, our influence is crucial. ;-) Second, the AA is a done deal before it even starts ... all the awards have already been given, they're just reading a list in an incredibly long-winded, unfunny and often embarrassing way. But the ESC, well ... !! Nothing's decided there. The drama unfolds before our very eyes! So obviously it absolutely doesn't even begin to compare. ;-)