Monday, April 12, 2010

Yes, but no

I've been listening to Which Witch a lot the past few days. Damn, that's good stuff. I mean, seriously. How could that thing bomb. It's a mystery. One of my dreams - and I do mean dream, because this is just never gonna happen - is to one day see a movie extravaganza kind of thing of this play. Musical, opera musical, whatever. Phantom of the Opera style ... except that hopefully it would suck less. Just WW as it is, straight off, no changes necessary. I really would be so beyond ecstatic if that ever happened. Never will, like I said. But it would be so unbelievably fantastic if it did. If someone really serious and gifted made it and it came out as well as it has the potential to ... then, wow. Just wow. :-)

Or maybe not? Bearing in mind this dream of mine, and on the other hand Keanu's dream (or so he claims, at least, but he does sometimes just blow people off with bs, so let's hope) of one day starring in a musical. Combine these two, and terrible things happen in my mind. Don't believe me, then see - or hear, I guess - for yourselves.

On the other hand, the irony is that Graham Bickley isn't really that much of a singer either. Except that, you know, he is a singer. o_O

In other news, look what I'm going to get in the mail one of these days. This painting. Squee!!

Someone on Swap-bot painted it for me. I just discovered it totally by accident, it was on the front page of the 'Bot this afternoon and I clicked it to see better, because I thought it was wonderful, and I discovered that it's for me. That swapper who loves the color green and turtles, that's me. :-D I'm so lucky! I do love it, before I've even seen it! The internet is a wonderful thing. :-D

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