Sunday, April 11, 2010

Want to be safe in Australia?

Then don't go to church.

Seriously, if you want to avoid becoming the victim of crime during your trip down under, stick to strip clubs and porn joints. You'll be safer there. Really.

I know, it's pretty childish, but as the godless heathen I am I do tend to get some petty satisfaction out of things like this that show that the other side aren't as much better than us as they like to claim ... or indeed, as in this case, that they are worse. :-D From the Herald Sun, here.

Also, if you're interested, there's a really interesting discussion going on right now over at the Atheist Experience blog. Here, to be exact. It's lengthy, and getting lengthier, but very interesting. Yes, what is a true Christian, and is there such a thing??


Paz said...

Well OK..if you insist I will start attending strip joints

AudiX78 said...

I guess I was pretty safe then.. neither one or the other.. ;-)