Thursday, April 22, 2010

SLOVAKIA 2010 - Horehronie

OK, now we're talking ... !! Finally a song I can say really nice things about without lying. ;-) I love that Slovakia is participating this year, they've only been in the contest a very few times (click here to see exact years and entries) and when they competed last year, it was the first time in over a decade. I loved their song last year. They didn't do very well - in fact they have never done well, their best ever results was 18th place in 1996 - but the song was lovely. :-)

This year the song is lovely too. The performance isn't very original (echoes of Ruslana!!) but the song itself is melodious and beautiful. I love that it's in Slovak and I love that the topic of the song is so untraditional. (The title is quite unfortunate in Norwegian, but it isn't what it sounds like - Horehronie is a very picturesque region in Slovakia, and this song is an homage to it.) I think this entry has the potential to do really really well. Its biggest weakness is, sadly, the singer. Her voice is either pretty damn weak, or she's incredibly nervous. Hopefully it's the latter, and she'll do better in the Arena next month. Fingers crossed, because I really like this song. :-) Striking gown too; of course outlandish costumes usually can't hurt. ;-)

This is Kristina Pelakova performing Horehronie by Martin Kavulič and Kamil Peteraj; they will be competing for Slovakia on Tuesday, May 25th.

Lyrics with translation here.

Have you ever met anyone who's been to Slovakia? Anyone who's gone there on vacation? I don't think I know anybody who's ever been there. I've actually been to four of the five countries that border it (although to some more than others ;-) and I haven't been to Ukraine - yet) but going to Slovakia has actually never even occurred to me. I don't know why not. Reading up on it a little makes it seem like a pretty interesting place to go. Hmmm ...


Marthe said...

I have been to Slovakia :-) To Bratislava. The old town is quite nice, whereas the new part really is spectacularly ugly.

Leisha Camden said...

Ooh, then I do know someone who's been to Slovakia ... !! :-D Cool. When was this? I'd love to see pictures ... :-)

Jozef said...

Hi Leisha. I am Slovakian. If you wish to know anything about this marvellous place, email me at and I shall be more than happy to send you some pics.