Friday, April 23, 2010

SERBIA 2010 - Ovo je Balkan

Yeah, I know - is it a boy or a girl? :-D It's a boy, and not a half bad one either.

OK, sure, I agree, it's seriously cheesy. Over the top. But it's fun!! I like this entry so much. I like it more and more the more I hear it. It's a fun song that he performs really well, he has great stage presence ... pretty good voice, and it goes well with the song. Fun performance, again, totally over the top, but that's the point. I dig it when the dancers in national costumes start pulling his clothes off. :-D A good song that's going to do well.

Some are pegging this song as the winner, but I don't think so ... despite what people say, an entry needs support from both the Eastern and Western blocs to win, and I don't see westerners voting for this song much. But I think it's going to do really well ... I hope it'll do really well, because if it does, lots of heads will explode here in the west. :-D

And I love the opening of this video ... !! Don't you just dig the folk music version of the Te Deum that plays over the performer bio?? :-D

This is Milan Stanković performing Ovo je Balkan - the title means These Are the Balkans - by Goran Bregović and Marina Tucaković, who will be competing on May 25th. Good luck to them!! :-D

Lyrics with translation here.

Check out this post about the Catholic church over on Pharyngula. Thought they only stick it to kids? Nah, they pull the same shit on women in developing countries, too. Don't you just love it when someone shares a horrible story about abuse and suffering, and then someone says, Those are her experiences, but ...



AudiX78 said...

Oh my GOD is that supposed to be their "Frikar" dancers or what :-) LOL

Leisha Camden said...

Oh no, I'm sure it's just a complete and total coincidence!! I don't know what you're talking about!! :-D