Friday, April 23, 2010

LATVIA 2010 - What For?

OK, back to the mean & bitchy. Whew, glad I got a little break there with the Slovaks yesterday. The Latvians though I have to be mean to. Because seriously, WTF is this?? o_O

One good thing about this song is the singer. Good voice. Especially towards the end there it really takes off. Tragic waste of talent.

Bad things about the song. Where do I begin?? The melody isn't half bad. But why does it have lyrics in English?!? Oy vey ... the pain, the pain!! Seriously, this song is almost beyond stupid. What for do people live until they die? Only Mr God knows why. This song made my brain hurt. I mean, ouch. What's wrong with people?? What for, indeed.

Then there's also the performance, which is seriously fucked up ... I could hardly believe what I was watching the first time I saw it. Giant dress that covers half the stage, does that remind anyone of anything? Mira Craig is with her in spirit. ;-) The women with the water bowls ... the accordion, nooo ... !! The portable staircase. I mean, they have some major work to do on their scenography. Please don't make me watch this again next month.

It's sad, because if the lyrics had been in Latvian and the scenography and choreography had been less freaky weird, this would have been a really good entry. Again, a waste of talent. This is Aisha performing What For? with music by Jānis Lūsēns and lyrics by Guntars Račs, who will be competing in the first semi-final, on May 25th. I shudder at the thought.

Lyrics here.

I hope you've all noticed that I've been trying to make these ESC posts more inclusive, by including a little extra something in each of them, so that they may possibly be interesting to the non-ESC fans among my readers. I know you're out there. Today's extra is an article that is mostly of interest to those who read Norwegian. Take a look at it, here. Now, I just have to say this one thing:

Hva i HÆLVETE er dette for noe forbanna piss???? NRK, shame on you!! >:-(

Does anyone want to buy an old coat??


AudiX78 said...

Hva i HÆLVETE er dette for noe forbanna piss!! I dare use your comment to the article to comment on both the song AND the article :-)

KAS said...

WTF???? Verden vil bedras. Jeg hadde ikke fått med meg den "artikkelen". NRK offisielt på viddene.

pipsa said...

Oh dear, it's going to be long semifinals... The amount of violins and accordions on stage might just hit an all time high this year.

A quiet week on news front, eh?

Leisha Camden said...

Quiet news week, yeah ... princess Madeleine's cancelled engagement has been the biggest story here the past few days. Sigh ...

Håper forøvrig dere leste kommentarene også, de var jo bare best ... !!

Audi: gullstjerne for kreativitet ... !! ;-D