Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't trust a Catholic

At least not one who listens to the pope.

WTF is that old bastard's problem?? (Don't answer that, I know. His brain has been ruined by religion.) He makes me sick, he really does. He was on the news just now speaking to his loyal sheeple on this glorious occasion of Easter. Blech. He actually has the nerve to stand there and say to his so-called flock that it is incumbent upon them all to not follow laws that go against their indoctrinated morality. o_O

Even Muslim religious leaders have the brains to say in public (whatever they may believe in private) that when a Muslim voluntarily settles in a non-Muslim country, they must obey the laws of that state. And pardon me if I'm wrong, but didn't Jesus say the same?? Give to God that which is God's, and give to Caesar that which is Caesar's??

STFU, old man. Aside from the fact that it's stomach-turningly disgusting to see a celibate (and ancient) man condemning abortion, if the pope doesn't do what Jebus said, then what the hell is the world coming to? Shut up and obey Caesar!!

Happy Easter, folks.

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