Thursday, March 19, 2009

My three turtles

In case anyone's wondered what I did with the turtles while I was in Poland, the answer is nothing ... they were home alone the whole time. That's what makes reptiles such great pets ... just provide a setup with whatever they need and they don't need you checking on them constantly. If I'm gone for less than a week I don't bother to get anyone to come by and feed them and so on. I just gave them an extra meal on Friday - and it was a pretty big one too - and they were fine till Wednesday night. They were really happy to be fed last night though. ;-)

Today's post is my (so far) latest YouTube video ... a few minutes of my three little guys doing various turtle-y things like climbing, falling down, swimming, begging, biting, looking adorable. :-) Actually a really cute video if I do say so myself. Also with a commentary track by yours truly which makes it sound like I talk to these almost deaf animals constantly ... I don't, just when I'm interacting a lot with them, like in this video. It's all in Norwegian but I've translated it for those non-Norwegian speakers who may be interested ... see below. :-)

And no, Henrik can't really hurt himself falling over like that ... and Herman didn't get hurt when Raphael bit him, he was just startled. :-)

Herman, don’t eat things you find on the floor! Yuck! [...] Come on, guys, do something fun! I’m filming. [...] Hello. [...] OK, I think you need to stop doing that. What are you trying to eat now? [...] OK, I’m sorry. [...] Oh no, did Henrik startle you, I mean did Herman startle you? A sad business, sad business. [...] Plop. [...] Henrik, you can’t get into the pond that way. There’s a wall there. Just here. Come on. Oh, what a stupid ... [...] Snap. [...] Was there no food after all? Alas, no ... That’s one of the blows that life will deal you, Herman. Sometimes you’re disappointed. [...] Oh no you don’t. [...] I said no! [...] You’re trying again? Oh, come on. Good boy! What a good Henrik. You did it. First time today. Up that way. [...] Oops. Well, that’ll happen when you don’t pay attention to where you’re putting your feet. [...] Hmm? Are you disappointed? Never any food. [...] Don’t give up, Henrik. You did it.


Anonymous said...

They look so comfortable, I want to go swimming with them! How was your trip?

Leisha Camden said...

If you were to swim with them I suspect you might find it less comfortable than you think ... ;-) but of course it might be fun for them. ;-)

The trip was great, I took a gadzillion pictures. Seriously ... I think I took something like 1,100 pictures in five days. o_O Well, I've got an 8gb memory card, and there's no reason to save room. :-)

Paz said...

I meant to say before the Norwegian language sounds nice, tho' it's all Greek to me

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks, I guess. ;-)

Paz said...

It sounds nice on the ears, unlike some other languages that are hard to listen too. Butr I do not understand it so its greek to me as in Shakespeare