Monday, April 13, 2009

Great Keanupic

Easter vacation is almost over ... back to work tomorrow. I've had a good vacay :-) - I've just stayed in the city (although my mother did try to make me go to our cabin with them - sorry, that's strictly a summer activity for me :-) and have hung out with friends every day but today. Today I've just been at home relaxing and reading and doing some housework. I started reading a new book that I totally love, Enslaved by Ducks. Wonderful reading for pet lovers. :-) And now I'm just about to cook myself a delicious dinner. Anyway ...

I've also been surfing a lot - of course, it's soo easy. ;-) I've come across some interesting things. Not that I remember a lot of them now, but still. One of them I certainly do remember. ;-) Namely this wonderful Keanupic that I somehow have never ever seen before. :-o I have very little idea when & where this was taken, but it's a fantastic shot. Look at that smile. Aww. :-)

Hope everyone's had a great Easter! :-)

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