Saturday, April 18, 2009

GERMANY 2009: Alex Swings! Oscar Sings! – Miss Kiss Kiss Bang

LOL!! I love this song!! Seriously, I totally love this song. It rocks. Best German entry ever?? This is such a fun song, it has such wonderful rhythm, a great melody, tongue-in-cheek sexiness ... I love it! :-D It reminds me a lot of their entry from two years ago. Same kind of period music. This year's entry is supposed to be inspired by Minnie the Moocher. Yeah, I can believe that. :-) This is a great oldfashioned swing-style entry. I dig it. I think it's wonderful that they're sending this and I hope it does well ... but it probably won't. Unfortunately. This just isn't the kind of thing that appeals to the ESC audience. This year it may do better, because of the jury group votes ... but on the televotes this entry won't get far. They placed 19th in 2007 ... and if they'd been anyone else they wouldn't even have been in the final, I don't think. It's too bad, because this is IMO a real quality entry. But that's how it goes. You can't please everyone ... but all these different types of music that are in the contest now make it such a great show. I hope bad results won't discourage anyone from sending unusual entries like this.

This song has a lot of potential for a great stage presentation. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they'll do with it in Moscow. I don't like the backing dancers from the national final much, so I hope they will change those. :-) Whatever they do though it can't be bad ... because this song is just so cool. Kudos, majorly. :-)

This is Alex Christensen and his pal Oscar Loya performing Alex's composition Miss Kiss Kiss Bang. Alex will be competing for Germany on May 16th - as one of the Big Four they will of course not have to qualify for the final. They have drawn a pretty good slot, #17. All the best of luck to them. :-)

Lyrics here.


nona35 said...

Mmmm, I like musicals a lot and I'd like to hear this in one. But!
I don't think it'll go high!
Good luck anyway!

Leisha Camden said...

You're right that this is a musical-style song. And you're also right that songs like that don't tend to do well in the ESC. :-) I'm so not surprised that they ended up 20th. But it's a fun song and I've been listening to it. :-)