Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Much better now!

Yay. :-)

I didn't feel too great this morning, but I slept till all hours and basically throughout the day have been feeling better and better. I'll definitely be going in to work tomorrow, so yay. :-)

And I've even eaten a proper dinner - my friends K and Dag-Erling came over and brought me dinner at home! Aww. They just called out of the blue and offered to make dinner and bring it over to me. That was so sweet of you, guys. Thank you so much. :-) The movie may not have been all that, but you guys rock. :-)

To make this post a little more interesting, here are some links for my Norwegian-speaking readers. I've been meaning to write an entry here about Fritt Ord and their bizarre taste in award winners, but I haven't gotten around to it. Yet. Too much to do which made me too exhausted, but then again, maybe I wasn't just tired, maybe it was because of this flu thing that was brewing, too? Which is now out of my system, so I'll hopefully feel much better now. :-) Anyway.

I'm going to post an entry about it to share my not at all random thoughts on the subject, but first, here's some reading material. If you don't already know where you stand in this debate, please read this. It'll help you make your mind up. >:-)

A review of the book Kunsten å tenke (from Morgenbladet).
An article from Stavanger Aftenblad about the award and the winner ...
and the entire email exchange the article refers to.
Very interesting indeed.


Unknown said...

“But today, the chicken tikka masala gives no comfort...”

There are, I kid you not, Dark Crystal action figures, Dark Crystal pewter figurines, a plushie of the romantic interest's pet, Dark Crystal trading cards, a Dark Crystal card game, a Dark Crystal board game, a Dark Crystal lunchbox, two Dark Crystal novelizations, a Dark Crystal comic book, a prequel to the Dark Crystal comic book, a sequel to the prequel to the Dark Crystal comic book, a Dark Crystal “behind the scenes” book, two Dark Crystal soundtrack albums, three different Dark Crystal DVD editions (one of them a two-disc Dark Crystal Collector's Edition) and a Dark Crystal Blu-Ray edition. Because you can never get enough Dark Crystal.

Leisha Camden said...

And what did you do at work today, I wonder ... ??

I don't understand why you felt you had to tell me this.

My head, my head ... it asplodes ... !! o_O o_O