Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hamid Karzai, you suck

I feel like I've only been blogging about touchy-feely subjects recently - pretty flowers and favorite pets and pictures of farmhouses and so on - so to make myself seem a bit more serious I will post about a serious subject today. And maybe the ESC. But hey, that is serious.

Here's something that everyone should be aware of. For those who read my blog and haven't already heard about this, I will be doing a good deed today ... even though, hopefully, it will turn your stomach.

Hamid Karzai, President of the republic of Afghanistan, is a spineless scumbag. >:-( His country is a hopeless shithole and he does what he can to make it even worse. He has signed into law a bill that basically legalises marital rape. Only for shia couples, though ... and they're only 20% of the population, so what's the big deal? Oh, this makes me so hopping mad. The new act, Shia Family Law, restricts the rights of Afghanistan's shia women to something that feels eerily like what the Taliban put in place. No leaving the house, no going to school, no applying for work, no visiting the doctor (!!) without one's husband's permission. And if that wasn't bad enough, there will also be no turning down one's husband's requests for sex!! Seriously - this new law makes it a criminal offense for a woman to say no if her husband wants to have sex with her. It seriously makes my skin crawl. What is wrong with these people?

Sure, there is supposedly a bit of an out in the text of the law, since this doesn't apply if the woman is ill. But come on, who buys that? How are you going to prove that you were sick two weeks ago when your husband fucked you against your will ... if you can even get anyone to listen, which I'm sure you can't. Especially since you can't leave the house without permission from the rapist. >:-( I can hardly believe that someone could create such a law ... and then accept it just to get votes, not even because he's so obsessed with controlling everything around him. This for me begs the question: What is wrong with Afghan men? (Notice I didn't say 'Muslim men' ... but I was kind of thinking it.) Why are they so obsessed with sex? Why do they have so little self-control that the mere thought of seeing a woman's hair, or face, or leg, or whatever turns them into unrestrainable madmen? This really makes me wonder.

And this is the country that the Norwegian government is planning to support with 500 million crowns this year. Fuck that shit. Let's keep the money and let these stone age cretins try to fix their own problems without help from the godless West. Let's just see how well they do without us. What's that you say? Oh no, we can't withdraw the financial support, that will make things worse for people already living in misery! Yeah, right - cause the money we pour into this hellhole will benefit those who need it the most. Right. Pull the other one, it's got bells on ...

We are paying to support the Afghan government, and that government is actively working to undermine basic human rights in their country. It makes me sick and I don't want anything to do with it. It may be cruel and petty of me, but I wish my government felt the same way. But what about those poor Afghan women? Meh. To the extent that they are brainwashed loonies too, and think there is no god but you-know-who and Mohammed is his prophet ... and will probably actually vote for Karzai or someone even more spineless and/or irrational ... my sympathy is not at an all-time high. *cough*

More details in this article (Norwegian) and this (English). If you want to know more, Google is your friend.

Religion really is worthless trash. People suck. >:-(


itsybitsyman said...

And they are killing the youth of the West with their exported opium.

Paz said...

Fantastic post, great to get you away from the frivolity of spring and Girly things (teasing). Amazing how similar a lot of religious nuts worldwide use religion subjugate women.

Anonymous said...

Great post, I did not know about Afghan, but don't feel bad about being light and touchy-feely :

Leisha Camden said...

Yeah, religious nutcases are the same everywhere. I really don't understand women who are devoted to Middle Eastern religions. All the 'big three' are so anti everything female ... sometimes I think that Christian/Jewish/Muslim women must kind of hate themselves. Either that or they're totally ignorant about what their religions really teach.

Margo, if you didn't already know about this new law in Afghanistan, then I'll consider this mission accomplished. :-) I think this is something we all need to know about ... all of us whose governments are supporting this regime. >:-(

I don't feel bad, necessarily, about my girlie blog post topics ;-) but I do think that there can be too much of a good thing. Something light and something heavy, that's the best combination IMO. :-) Both entertainment and food for thought.

As for the Afghan opium trade, that's a topic for a whole blog post in itself. Interesting how much more opium is being produced and exported now than there was under the Taliban, unless I'm much mistaken. You could get some serious conspiracy theories out of that ... >:-)

Paul M H B said...

About conspiracy theories: interestingly, rumour has it (at least a couple of months ago) that Karzai's brother is one of the virulent kingpins of the huge and blooming Afghan poppy seed export. Seems debauchery might run in the family.

Leisha Camden said...

That wouldn't surprise me one bit. >:-(