Friday, April 10, 2009

Picture of the month - March 2009

Picking my favorite photo out of all the ones I took last month was really tricky this time. I took some really great shots in Warsaw (I could hardly avoid getting at least some good ones, considering how many I took :-). I am soo happy with some of the shots from that trip. But all the same I think my top fave this month has to be one that I took in my guest room. :-) Remember the video I posted a while back, with all three of my little guys climbing and swimming and biting and what not? I spent a couple of hours or so with them all on the loose like that, and I took a series of pictures as well as that video. They were doing so many cute and funny things. :-) One of these photos came out unusually well. I caught a special moment. :-) Something that has happened many a time but is very difficult to catch with a camera. :-)

This is my precious little Henrik in the very act of chomping down on my finger.

NOM ... !!!


Paz said...

mommie luks lik noms, Iz cheks

Leisha Camden said...

mommie gimme nommie! NAO!