Friday, July 11, 2008

Are you a Keanufan? Join a Keanuforum!!

And now for something completely different.

I've got the feeling that recently all I've been writing here are these horrible soulcrushing posts about how humanity's doomed and everything's just shit anyway. May be just my skewed perception, but that's the vibe I'm getting. So today: something much more fun to write about (although also from a certain POV rather sad, but let's pretend like that hasn't occurred to us), albeit something that the overwhelming majority of my readership, such as it is, will find almost or completely uninteresting. Alas, one cannot please everyone all the time, and this will give me the excuse I feel I need right about now to post a picture of Keanu.

anivad posted this on her LJ yesterday. Something I guess I knew but it was interesting to see a breakdown of it like that. Hail the Last Sad Dregs of Keanu Fandom. It is so weird how Keanu fandom online seems to have more or less collapsed recently. I don't see that there's any real reason for it - ie a Keanurelated reason - I mean, we just got Street Kings a few months ago, which did really well despite what people say, TDTESS is just around the corner, metaphorically speaking, and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is filming now and people are saying good things about it. We've seen lots of pictures from his vacation in Europe (shame on us!!), some shots from the Pippa Lee set are starting to circulate, and he's doing promotion (he'll be at ComiCon later this month, for instance). AND he's being sued by a scumbag paparazzo! All that stuff is going on. Right? So ... online fandom falling down around our ears = weirdness. I guess it's just a bunch of coincidences. But it's really weird all the same. Now here comes the sad part:

Keanuweb was the best. It really was.

According to anivad's calculations, Club Keanu is now the biggest Keanusite around (no surprise there), there are two (!!) other largish ones (size calculated by number of forum members), and her own site is the fifth biggest. Which is seriously way out there because her forum only has 37 members. Way -- far -- out.

Now here comes the point: in the unlikely event that you, dear reader, are a Keanufan, please for your own sake don't miss anivad's site, whoa is (not) me and its forum. Now accepting members. :-) I like that site ... it appeals to me so much more than, ahem, others do ... for reasons I think are best not explained in as public a medium as this. WINM only needs six more members to become the fourth biggest Keanusite on the interwebs!! YOU could be the person to make that happen!!!

And now, what we've all been waiting for: a stunning picture of the beautiful Keanu.

Swoon!! <3

(Can you tell the weekend's almost here?? ;-)

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Leisha Camden said...

YES, I KNOW that this picture would have looked better if some random guy hadn't been standing behind him like that. But it was obviously some kind of event and people were wandering around ... what could the photographer have done, shot the man? That would most likely have made it very difficult or impossible to get a picture of Keanu looking this calm. So you just gotta learn to take the good with the bad. I love this picture.