Thursday, July 31, 2008

British fishermen are STUPID IDIOTS

I want to get 'evil' or something similar in there too, but I'm not sure it really is evil. It's just terminal stupidity and completely endless ignorance.

These people should be tarred and feathered (and I mean that literally) and never allowed to work as fishermen again. They are a DISGRACE to their profession, to their country, and to their species. And the European Union has revealed itself again as the backwards and inimical organization that it is.

I saw this on the news at 7 tonight, and it made me so mad that I just wanted to punch somebody ... ideally a British fisherman. >:-( You can read about the story here, if you can read Norwegian. I'll see if I can dig up something in English to link to as well.

Basically, this is it: a British trawler has been filmed while dumping huge numbers of cod in the ocean. Dead cod. Cod that they have caught. ENDANGERED cod that they have caught and killed but don't want to 'waste their quota' on. They left Norwegian waters to do it, because it's illegal to dump caught fish like that in this country. It has been for more than twenty years. But the shithead captain of this British ship went into British waters and dumped almost EIGHTY PERCENT of his catch there. More than five fucking tons. He could do this with impunity because under EU rules, this is totally acceptable. >:-( The captain, who knew he would be filmed by our coast guard, apparently said that it was a 'waste' to keep fish that was under 80cm long. He knew it wasn't legal, but he 'had to do it'. :-o I seriously hope he dies. Painfully.

Do these people not understand that we as a species depend on the oceans to live?? Are they SO FUCKING STUPID that they don't realize that the oceans are being depleted, that we are killing the very thing that sustains us?? Are they so ignorant of the fundamentals of their own profession that they don't understand that a cod, that any fish, needs to reach a certain size before it can breed and create more fish for us to catch and eat?? They are destroying their own livelihood for some shortsighted gain. I wouldn't mind, because I SO want these people to lose their livelihood, if it wasn't for the fact that we are basically exterminating one of the most important species that exist in this part of the world. The North Sea cod may already be lost to us, we just don't know it yet. We may have killed this species that was - not at all that long ago - so strong and so enormously plentiful, for no reason than our own repulsive greed.

I hate humans.

British ships dump 24 000 tons of cod in the ocean every year. I hope all those fishermen end up begging in the street.

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