Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sometimes you just have to ask ...

... WHAT is WRONG with people?!??!

Check out this article. OMFG.

So basically this is a mother whose own modelling career failed and who now is living out her failed dream through her daughter. (With the added advantage that the mother can now eat chocolate and french fries and laze around if she wants to, because it's not going to matter if she puts on weight - it's the daughter who'll have to diet throughout her most important developing years now.) There are so many things that are WRONG with this woman that I don't know where to start. I just have to mention a few. >:-)

- She thinks her daughter has a 'career'. Oh, she's been on TV with Lorraine Kelly. SFW?? WTF makes that important?? It's a sign of the times - people actually think that a 'career' can be about nothing. Just being on TV and making sure people know your name ... that's a 'career'. Even though they only know your name cause you're the modern day equivalent of a circus freak.

- She apparently thinks the only reason that they're doing this is because the daughter wants to be doing it herself. News flash, bitch: your daughter wants what she thinks you want her to want. This makes mommy happy, so I'll tell her I want this ... because then she'll love me. How sad and pathetic is that. They both need extensive therapy.

- 'What Sasha wants, Sasha gets.' In a few years' time, this kid is going to be completely unbearable and no one will want to be around her. I hope the pool is worth it.

- She thinks her daughter is going to be a 'real' celebrity. A movie star or supermodel or whatever. I think I can guarantee that that will never happen.

- She thinks that 'pedophiles don't want girls who look 18'. She's actually right on that one. Too bad that she apparently thinks only pedophiles molest children. The sad fact is that true pedophiles are few and far between - the vast majority of child molesters are screwed up heterosexuals looking for someone they can exert total control over, who won't talk back and stick up for herself like most grown women will. And those guys, lady, those guys I can promise you would love to get their hands on an 11-year-old who looks and acts like she's 18.

If she thinks it's so great for her daughter to be 11 years old and look like a grownup, dress like a grownup, walk like a grownup and wear makeup like a grownup ... I hope she'll think it's just as great when someone fucks her like a grownup too.

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