Sunday, July 27, 2008

Henrik has broken a claw.


I just noticed it this afternoon. I was out on the lawn with the little guys and I suddenly noticed that one of Henrik's claws has broken off. I wonder when that's happened? I know it can't be long ago. I handle them so often ... and every time I do I examine them more or less thoroughly. Just making sure that they don't have any cuts or scratches, bruises or whatever ... you never know. I don't think this can have happened very long ago. Yesterday they weren't out of the tank at all. But on Friday I both fed them and took them outside. And I remember that when we were all outside I handled them several times. Normally when I'm holding them I always look at their feet ... because their feet are so cute. :-) Their front feet especially. And this is on a front foot ... his left front foot, the outermost claw on the left foot (ie the claw furthest out from the body). Look:

Anyway, I don't remember noticing anything wrong on Friday. So I tend to think it must have happened since then. I wonder how it's happened? Theoretically I suppose Herman may have done it. But I doubt it. Not just because I don't want my little angel to have done something mean ... ;-) but because there's no injury anywhere, for one thing, and for another I don't see how Herman could have even managed something like that. I mean, bitten off a claw? Just the claw? And damaged nothing else? How would he get a chance to even get a hold of it, Henrik would never put up with that. I can't imagine that it's something he's gotten fighting. He must have done it to himself. He does tend to dig around a lot in the rocks on the bottom of the tank ... rooting around in them and pushing them around with his feet. So I'd be willing to bet, I think, that that's how it's happened. Silly little critter!

Now I'm just wondering whether it'll grow back. I actually don't know whether they do that. I'll have to do some research on this. I suppose it may theoretically grow back ... because it isn't gone, it's still there, it's just broken down to a stub. :-( Ow, anyway. My little friend. :-( And his little foot. :-)

One good thing about it, if it doesn't grow back: I suspect that Henrik and Herman may become very similar in appearance, close to identical, as they age. Chinemys reevesii tend to darken as they grow older; old reevesii males are usually very dark, sometimes almost black. And Herman and Henrik are almost identical in size. But now at least there's one thing that easily separates them - 18 claws on one, 17 on the other. :-) I'll do my research, and we'll see if it'll stay that way.

(That's my arm he's leaning on, btw. :-)

Oh, and to see a bigger version of the photo, go here. I just can't figure out how to get my pictures clickable here. >:-(

Update, Monday 28th: Actually, I just figured it out. It was incredibly simple. Duh. :-)


Anne Ida said...

Stakkars lille vennen! Men han lider forhåpentligvis ikke av en klo mindre :o) Og kanskje den vokser ut ighen :o)

Leisha Camden said...

Vel, han fikk da til å bite Herman i halen nå nettopp, så jeg tror ikke han føler seg veldig utafor ... ;-)

Det plager ham overhodet ikke og det er visst fullt mulig at den vokser ut igjen. Så jeg er ikke bekymret. Men den lille foten hans, den var jo så søt og fin ... :-)