Monday, July 28, 2008

The Nordic Ark, July 12th 2008. Part 33

After the storks we'd seen everything we could expect to see in the so-called 'Wild Park' area of the Ark. But there was one more thing we wanted to do. By now several hours had passed, I guess the time must have been 4pm at least ... and, apparently being optimists, we decided that we couldn't leave without trying to see those Pudús one more time.

When we first came by their enclosure, all we saw was one of the adult animals sleeping inside their house. We were hoping for better things this time, since it was later in the day. We especially wanted to see the fawn. But as long as they were awake it would be an improvement. :-)

And they were!! Aww!! They were soooo cute ... !! KAS immediately decided that this is the animal she wants to get when her hamster kicks the bucket. :-D (Imagine taking it for walks! LOL!) We first saw the female, she was grazing, and then the male - he was inside the house first, but then went outside and got a few bites to eat too. The fawn unfortunately was nowhere to be seen. Maybe they hide it away and only coax it out (there were a couple of little shelters in the enclosure in addition to the house) when there are no unfamiliar humans around. This species is notoriously shy and elusive. So ... no fawn for us, but the adults were so tiny that it almost didn't matter. :-)

The female:

The male (he has 4-inch antlers, look! :-D):

(Photo credit: 1-2, 4: C.; 3, 5-6: KAS)

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