Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Nordic Ark, July 12th 2008. Part 34b

The first post about the farm got to be soo long that I decided to write a second one about the various animals that we saw there.

There were a couple of exhibitions ... one about sheep and other farm animals, and one about honeybees/beekeeping. I didn't read all the info posted in that one but in what I did read I can't remember there being anything about how our species may be extinct in 30 years because the bees are disappearing. (I'm not joking. I'll be getting back to this in a later post.) I guess that's too 'negative' for a place like that, it would get people 'down' or whatever. There's humans for you, if we don't like it, we pretend it isn't happening right up until it kills us. We suck.

But here are some much better species!! Look at the ducklings, the adorable ducklings ... !! Aww!

There were lots of them, and a number of different adult geese, so which babies belonged to which mother was anyone's guess. Soo many different colors and color combinations. And all of them soo cute ... !! :-)

The sun is good. The sun is our friend. The sun ...

Hey, whatcha doin'??

These black hens were of some particular breed that almost went extinct in the last century, but was saved at the last minute. Pretty hens.

Sheep ... :-)

There is this really cool gadget in one of the ... barns ... where you can weigh yourself and see your weight in animals. Unfortunately we didn't take a picture of that, I don't know what we were thinking. C. and I together weigh a reindeer. trilltrall weighs a wolf and two rabbits. :-D

These geese must have thought we were stalking them. But they just walked ahead of us where we were going anyway. They planned their cruel revenge by biting my toes (I was walking first in the group and I was the only one of the four of us who was wearing sandals - bad combination). But I managed to escape. ;-)

(Photo credit: 1-6, 8: KAS; 7, 9: C.)

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