Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Nordic Ark, July 12th 2008. Part Six

The layout of the park was just so fantastic. We really felt as if we were taking a nature walk or going on a hike and were just having the good fortune of spotting all these animals. Every possible care has been taken to avoid damaging the area and keeping trees, cliffs, etc intact. It really was unbelievably similar to a natural forest. I mean, how many other zoos have you heard about where they have problems with foxes getting at the animals on exhibit?? :-D And the enclosures were all huge, so much bigger than we expected. There were empty enclosures too, and often plenty of room between the enclosures, so that none of the animals had to get stressed by other animals being kept uncomfortably close to them. It was just all so beautiful and well thought out and planned. Fantastic. :-)

A part of the walkway alongside the Mountain Goat enclosure.

Part of an empty enclosure across the walkway from and partly further along the way than the goat enclosure.

A view from the walkway, next to one of the owl enclosures.

A very pretty spiderweb that some industrious little creature had built on one of the enclosures (the great grey owl, I think, or was it the snowy owl) :-).

(Photo credit: me)

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