Saturday, July 26, 2008

Herman on youtube!! Alright!

I got so inspired by my success with that youtube embedded link video thing that I decided to try something EVEN MORE COMPLICATED and - brace yourselves for this!! - upload my own video to youtube!!

It may not seem like much to YOU, clever as you no doubt are, but this is like breaking new ground for me. I am on a way steep learning curve here.

I was out with the turtles this afternoon (only the little guys today) and when Herman wanted a backscratch I decided totally spur of the moment!!! to film it with my camera and try to upload it. IT WORKED. :-o I now have one whole video uploaded to youtube (go me!) and I will hereby share it with my devoted readers. *cough*

It isn't long, only about 40 seconds. He is unbelievably adorable but watching him getting his carapace scratched is only interesting for so long. (Yeah, even I realize that.) Also my camera can only film 60 seconds max at a time. Sorry for the picture quality, it isn't too great ... my camera is like three years old so that's why.

Now check out my cutie pie!! Compliments to me for figuring this out!!

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trilltrall said...

Hei! Gratulerer med YouTube-posting på bloggen din!!

Internett er kult!!