Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Nordic Ark, July 12th 2008. Part 34

The last thing left to see was the 'Land Farm' which was on the other side of the road (there was an underpass, so getting there was just an easy walk). This is now a part of the Ark but was apparently built about some years before the Ark opened. It's a kind of combination farm/zoo/petting zoo ... it showcases some 21st century farm solutions - first and foremost solar power - and it's home to several species of animals. The focus is on farm animals - duh - but more specifically, on old and endangered breeds of farm animals. Many of these old breeds are better suited to the Scandinavian landscape and climate than breeds which are widely kept today, so it would be a dreadful shame if they should die out. Many of the breeds kept at the farm have been brought back literally from the brink of extinction.

Walking to the farm, on a road between grassy fields.
(Left-right: me, C., random stranger, trilltrall.)

There were goats eating and relaxing in one of the fields. Mmm, dry twigs ...

C. and me saying hi to a goat. It was curious at first, but quickly lost interest when it realized we didn't have any treats for it. ;-)

Check out the horns on this ram - wow. :-o

An impressive building. (And my head.) The farm is built in the shape of an ark. ;-)

You enter the farmyard along this ... pathway, or whatever ... between these two imposing buildings. (Me in the bottom right corner.)

An interior view.

It was so idyllic ... !! :-)

Some of the solar panels on the roofs.

(Photo credit: 1, 6-9: KAS; 2, 4-5, 10: C.)

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