Thursday, August 21, 2008

'The Change You Deserve'

Them Republicans over there in America must be pretty dang stupid.

Obama's always going on about change, right? And it seems to be going down pretty well. So the GOP wanted to get some of that action too ... so they came up with the slogan 'The Change You Deserve'. Now, let's just overlook for the moment the fact that that slogan is already in use, advertising an anti-depressant drug. If we just look at what the slogan actually says, seriously, can someone tell me if there is any other way to interpret this than that either the powers that be in the Republican party are stupid themselves, or they hired a PR firm where all the employees are stupid and the GOP personnel in charge of vetting these things was sleeping on the job?

I really don't see how there's any other way to interpret this. The Change You Deserve. There's an election coming up. The Republican party want the American people to get 'the change they deserve'. And they have now had a Republican president for going on eight years. So the change the GOP thinks the American people deserve is ... nothing?

Way to flatter and entice the voting public. Now they know just how much the GOP appreciates them and wants to do for them.

Or there is of course another, more appealing yet less realistic option: they don't really want people to vote for them.

Anyway! Back to that whole Effexor thing. Now that'll give you whatever change you may deserve. Cause no one deserves to be clinically depressed. Aww. Well, maybe a couple of people I can think of off the top of my head, but no one I know personally. (Not sure this drug is going to do any good for anybody anyway, but there you go.) Here's a new & improved GOP commercial, inspired by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. I'm pretty sick of the election, to be honest, but if you can't laugh, what can you do.


Joie Mayfield said...

This was great. The Republicans are pretty stupid.

Leisha Camden said...

It does seem like they are. This slogan at least is totally nonsensical.

I really liked the commercial, it was in-your-face obvious, but really funny too. :-)