Sunday, August 3, 2008

Movies I'm psyched about seeing

Chris Carter: The X Files. I Want to Believe
Although I suspect it may suck. Or at least, be a serious letdown. I still absolutely have to see it. I worshiped the series. I still think that seasons 3 & 4 are some of the best stuff you'll ever see on TV.

Christopher Nolan: The Dark Knight
I'm completely sure that this movie is fantastic. Absolutely completely convinced.

Agnès Merlet: Dorothy Mills
I haven't heard that much about this movie yet, but what I have heard is absolutely fascinating and all very positive. Unfortunately it looks like it'll be a while before it's shown here. But I'll definitely be seeing it.

Scott Derrickson: The Day the Earth Stood Still
Mmm, Keanu ...
I would be seeing this movie regardless of anything, obviously. If it was two hours of Keanu sitting in a chair reading the script of it silently to himself I would still pay to watch it. (I know, I am pathetic.) But I actually think this may be a pretty good movie. Since I like SF - for non-genre-fans it may not be, of course. But you can't please everyone. I have high hopes. I haven't seen the original and I don't know if I should.

Phyllida Lloyd: Mamma Mia!
As a big ABBA fan of course I have to see this. And also Colin Firth is in it. Mmm, Colin Firth ...
But seriously, I do think this is worth seeing. (I haven't seen the musical, yet.) For one thing, Meryl Streep is in it. She is soo good at her craft that anything she's in, absolutely anything, is worth seeing. But I also think that this movie probably is a lot of fun. I'm sure it's pretty silly :-) but a lot of fun. Anéa and I have plans to see this as soon as she gets back to town.

Morgan Spurlock: Where in the World is Osama bin Laden?
This movie isn't really about the superterrorist, it's more about various people in the Middle East and their thoughts and opinions. Spurlock talks to ordinary people about the 'war on terror'. I really enjoyed Super Size Me and the episodes of his 30 Days that I've seen. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he's done with this project.

Niels Arden Opley: Män som hatar kvinnor
The English title is completely stupid, but what can you do. The UK publisher seems to just have preempted them on that one. Anyway. The book this is based on is so fantastic and the casting of the male lead is literally perfect. Nykvist is so completely the right actor for that role. Must absolutely see this movie.

Rasmus Sivertsen: Kurt blir grusom
I know it's for kids really. But I want to see it anyway. It has to be so cool. I'll go with my mom and pretend I'm supporting her professional interest.

Tommy Wirkola: Rød snø
OK, seriously, I should not be excited about this movie. Totally Should Not. (I haven't even seen Kill Buljo.) But I've just got to see this. A bunch of friends head off on a cabin vacation, unaware of the homicidal Nazi zombies that haunt the area. :-o Yeah, it'll be a long night ... :-D


Rose said...

Dark Night is amazing!!!! I wanna see the X Files!!!! Not a big fan of ABBA, I was into the heavy metal of the 80's lol
Hugs xxx

Leisha Camden said...

I'm going to see The Dark Knight on Tuesday. I can't hardly wait! :-) The X Files I hope to see on Wednesday. My hopes aren't very high - unfortunately - but since I really am a serious fan I'm pretty sure it'll be worth seeing. I'm gonna find out, anyway. :-)

Elin said...

I want to see some of those too! I've already seen The Dark Knight and Mamma Mia!, and loved them both!

See you tomorrow! :)

Leisha Camden said...

Um ... no, see you on Wednesday, right? :-)

fennymun said...

Yes, I like Meryl Streep too and thus would definitely go to watch Mamma Mia here in HK when it is available on Sept 11.

Leisha Camden said...

Hi fennymun and thanks for commenting. :-) You should definitely see that movie, it's wonderful entertainment. Meryl Streep can basically do absolutely everything, she's amazing IMO. :-)