Thursday, August 21, 2008

I got a present ...

... and it wasn't even my birthday! :-D

When I got home from work yesterday there was a package in my mailbox. (Actually a really perfect time to get something nice in the mail from a friend, since it was my first day back at work after my long-awaited vacation. ;-) Here's the back story: my mother has a good friend who has a brother who works at the local dump. (This is a true story.) He's continually frustrated about all the great stuff that people throw out. (Norwegians are way too rich, it's disgusting.) Lots of new or almost new things. The people who work there are kind of rescue workers too, they save a lot of useful things from oblivion. :-) They have a store there where they sell stuff that's been salvaged from the trash and fixed up. But apparently there's more than they can sell. My mother's friend's brother finds all kinds of stuff that he can just take with him. A while back he found a sackful of brand new yarn. Probably something from a store that had gone out of business. Lots of really great knitting yarn, high quality, mohair and things like that. He took it home and gave it to his sister. She's not much of a knitter, so she gave most of it to my mother ...

... who already has way too much yarn :-D so she tried to give it away too. She gave some to my grandmother, to give to the arts & crafts ladies at her community center. But then grandma had her stroke before she got around to it. Whew! So when we were up there last week my mother got the bag of yarn she'd left at my grandma's house and gave it to my cousin Mette - she's a knitter and her two eldest daughters love to knit, so my mother thought they could use it.

I was really tempted to write 'my secret cousin' just now, but let's not go there. >:-)

This was on ... Friday, August 15th, I think it must have been. And they've wasted no time using the yarn. Here's what's so nice: there was one type of yarn in the bag, very different from the rest of it, that I really liked. I was tempted to ask my mother to knit me something with it (I'm not a knitter myself) but I sort of never got around to it. And then it was all given away and I thought, Oh well. The ship has sailed. But then on Monday my cousin texted me to say she'd knitted me a shawl with some of the yarn my mother gave her ... and the very next day it arrived and she's used the yarn that I liked so much! And I never even mentioned to her that I liked it. :-)

Happy happy, joy joy!! These pictures that I took aren't very good, but better than nothing.

Mette: thank you!!! :-) It was a lovely surprise (even though you'd already told me ;-) and very much appreciated. :-)

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