Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am such a bad friend!!! :-o

I cannot believe I did this ... I never have before and I hope I never will again. I forgot my best friend's birthday!! :-o SHAME on me!! I suddenly remembered it late last night - and I do mean seriously late - but actually her birthday was on Sunday. Shame on me!! What's my excuse? I was up in the mountains where I lose track of time ... I hardly know what day of the week it is up there. And C. is in Mallorca so I couldn't have called her as I normally do. But I totally could have sent a text message!! (which of course I immediately did yesterday as soon as I realized what I'd done). It's no excuse, it's just an explanation. Here's hoping she'll forgive me. I hang my head in shame.

Happy birthday, C., I hope you had a fantastic day!!!! I wish you all the best - as always - and you will get some cleverly thought out present ;-) next time I see you. I hope you weren't too upset by my incredible absent-mindedness. Here's an extra special belated greeting for you, hope you like it. It's hot stuff!! ;-)

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