Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mountain vacation 2008. August 10th

And so it begins ... ;-) Another interminable series. But this one won't be anywhere near as long. I think. I took a lot of pictures, and some of them I think were really good. So I want to share. Some of my foreign readers (more than one now, I'm pretty sure ;-) I would guess don't know much about the wild Norwegian mountains :-) so it might be interesting for them to get a vicarious mountain experience. Some of my Norwegian readers may be in the same position too, come to think of it. And I know I have some regular readers who have been to the cabin with me and hiked in the area, so they may be interested in seeing some places and views. :-) Most of all though I just really want to use all these photos for something.

So ... we went up there on Sunday, August 10th. My mother picked me up at 10am. The drive went fine, there was very little traffic. We stopped off at Alvdal, of course, to visit my grandmother. But I actually think I'll get back to that later. Before getting that far we stopped along the way somewhere else ... at Atnaoset chapel, a small local church in which cemetery my mother's aunt is buried. She died years and years ago, I never met her. She was my maternal grandfather's younger sister, apparently, and now her son is a drunk somewhere in Oslo. I don't know. Anyway, I came across another grave, a family grave, of a family with a name I could hardly believe. These poor people. I had to take a couple of pictures so I could make fun of them on my blog. Maybe I should feel bad about my callousness. But no one will ever know but us. And anyway, I can't resist. I mean, look at this:

(Information for non-Norwegian-speaking readers who don't get the joke here: 'øgle' means 'lizard' in Norwegian. :-)

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