Monday, August 4, 2008

Herman on the scent

On Monday last week the weather was fantastic (unlike today) and I took the little fellows out onto the lawn with me, right after work. I was really hungry though, so I brought some food out with me as well. I had my little red cooler with a bunch of food in it - some of it seafood-related ;-) - and some bruschetti as well, along with some other bits and pieces. I let the turtles out to walk around and started to spread my impromptu picnic on the lawn. I just knew all along what would happen ... Henrik wouldn't be interested at all and would just wander off. Herman on the other hand would be falling over himself trying to get at some of my food.

I know them so well ... !! :-D

He was all over for a while, about fifteen minutes, but then he actually gave up. A good sign?? :-) I got some great shots of him sniffing around, anyway. :-)

'I know I smell something ... !!'

'Where is it??'

'It must be here! I smell it! It's like I'm right on top of it ... !'

'But this isn't what I'm interested in!'

'Where's that good stuff I smell ... !? It's so close ... !'

'It's got to be somewhere around here ... !!'

In the end he gave up. The things he was really interested in were in the cooler, anyway, and inaccessible. But it was a fascinating search. :-)

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