Friday, August 1, 2008

Herman the explorer

I took the little guys out to the lawn after work yesterday ... the exercise of walking and the natural sunlight is good for them, and I figure it must also be enjoyable to spend a little time out of doors among all these natural scents and to walk on real grass and soil. Plus it was so hot inside that it was beyond uncomfortable ... I felt much better sitting on the lawn with a book instead of inside the apartment or even on the balcony (it has afternoon sunlight, which is generally a good thing, but sometimes not so great).

Herman is very curious and constantly hungry ... so he's always snooping around in everything, partly just to see, I think, and partly to make sure that if there is even a tiny little morsel of something edible, he'll be there to snap it up. ;-) I had a purse with me on the lawn yesterday, that I used to carry some things outside with me ... a couple of books, a bottle of water, the camera, my cell phone. Herman discovered the purse lying on its side in the grass, and who knows what he smelled inside it. I've had that purse for probably three years at least so there's a very good chance that I've carried something tempting in it at some point. ;-) He had to check, anyway.

Like I said before, my camera can only record 60 seconds max at a time ... so this ended up as three videos. And the quality's not so great. Sorry. He is preternaturally cute though, anyway. ;-)

Part one:
Voice in background: Me saying What, is there any food in there, Herman? What do you figure you’re gonna find in there? Hm?

Part two:
Voice in background: Me saying What do you want to go in there for? Hello.

Part three:

Enjoy!! :-)

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