Thursday, August 7, 2008

A different approach

OK, so some anonymous comment writer ... commentator ... person who wrote a comment on a previous post of mine said that when I write about things I don't know anything about I should try a 'different approach'. I don't understand what they mean (and I think it's a little unfair of them to say so since as far as I can tell I argued my position way better than they did theirs, but in the interests of irrationality I'm willing to let that slide) but I'm totally open to making the effort. So here goes.

This is a picture of Wes Anderson's mother after she's eaten some key lime pie.

Shit, that woman's got some bad allergies!! :-o

Makes me wish I had some Scotch tape to cover my eyes with.

Hey, Anon, does this approach work better for you??!!

No insult intended to Wes Anderson, Mrs Anderson, any member of their family, or dogs. Please don't sue.


Rose said...

Hey sweetie, its your blog and your opinion.....they are anonymous for a reason!!! Great pic!!
Hugs xxx

Leisha Camden said...

But I don't mind people having other opinions than mine, if they can back them up with anything. 'You're wrong because I don't think things really are how you say they are' - and that's the whole argument? That's not good enough. Bah humbug!! ;-)

I just find this blog such a great place to vent when things annoy me, and I'm always so surprised when I discover that someone has actually read what I've written. ;-)

It was about time for a loldog on here anyway, so I thought I might just as well kill two birds with one stone.

Now all I have to do is find out who invented Scotch tape ...