Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mountain vacation 2008. August 12th

On the Tuesday we had some visitors - my cousin Mette (the shawl knitter ;-) and her three daughters came up from, ahem, the lowlands to spend a little time with us. (They live in Alvdal.) Her husband had to work so he unfortunately couldn't join them, but the girls were thrilled to get to go on a little cabin vacation at the tail end of summer ... even if it was only for one night. :-)

My mother met them partway in her car so they wouldn't have to walk the whole way from the main road (you need a certain key to get across the bridge to the road up into the mountains, and only a select few have that key). The weather wasn't too great, but we managed to take a little hike regardless. Another of those must-go hikes ... for me anyway ... its destination a pair of huge boulders which I used to love hiking to as a little girl. It's a short hike, only about 30-40 minutes from the cabin. But the youngest of my 'little cousins', Frida, aged 6, wasn't really in a hiking mood, so we thought it might be just as well that we didn't pick a longer one just then.

Here are the girls on the smallest of the two boulders.
(Left-right: Emma, Frida in her arms and Klara. Klara and Emma are twins and 12 years old.)

Here's Klara on the slopes of mount Svulten.

A view back towards where we came from. The cabin is down in the valley. Mount Musvollkampen to the left.

It's a shitty year for cloudberries, but Klara managed to find some, anyway. My mother was happy to get a taste, she's a cloudberry fanatic. ;-)

Here's the whole gang relaxing in our living room.
(Left-right: Emma (in blue), Klara, Mette with Frida on her lap, Mille's daughter, ie my second cousin, Elin, who'd also stopped by to visit with us, and my mother.)

Fortunately I had brought some board games with me - this turned out to be pretty lucky considering the weather. :-) I taught the girls to play Carcassonne which they had lots of fun with. Here's Emma with an ideal landscape that she's built. :-)

I may update this with some more photos later, if it turns out that my mother's taken some good ones with her camera. :-)

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