Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary to the King & Queen!

Today is the 40th wedding anniversary of HM King Harald and HM Queen Sonja. I think that's a ruby wedding. Not too shabby. :-) I'm sure they've had their ups and downs like any couple (although I'm not sure I believe even half the rumors floating around out there) but all in all they've probably been happy with each other. They seem to be a great fit as a couple. I loved what the king said in the interview yesterday - that the queen has made him a different person, that he used to be introverted and shy (which is true; I know a guy who went to school with him) but with her help he's gotten past that. I have no trouble believing this, because although a lot can be said about our queen, introverted & shy I don't think anyone would claim that she is. :-)

The royal couple are in Croatia today, celebrating the occasion with a private cruise with the Crown Prince and his family. I hope they'll have a lovely day together. :-)

Her wedding gown was fantastic, btw. :-)

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