Friday, August 22, 2008

Mountain vacation 2008. August 13th

Mette and the girls spent the night, and on the next day, Wednesday, we were hoping to go on a hike to the most unique destination you can find in the area. (More on that in a later post.) Unfortunately this is really only a pleasant hike in reasonably good weather, which we weren't having. :-( We had mostly constant rain during the morning and early afternoon ... so we stayed indoors and played Carcassonne and read and talked. And ate. :-)

Fortunately, as the day wore on, the cloud cover wore away. We had decided that regardless of the weather we were going to walk at least down to Bjørnhollia, which our guests hadn't really seen. You've just got to get out and move around a little at least once during a day. :-) We ended up going not only to Bjørnhollia, but also down into the valley, to the Myllinga river and its starting point, lake Kampetjønn (lit. 'mountain tarn'). The weather ended up being quite lovely for a while there, with partially clear skies and sun and everything. :-) Warm too. :-)

As soon as we got down to the river, the girls rushed to the bank. I agree, water is fun. :-)
(Left-right: Klara, Emma, Frida (in red).)

A view across lake Kampetjønn.

The water is wonderfully cold and clear. :-)

Here's everyone ... I guess my mother was explaining something about the lake.
(Left-right: Emma, my mother, Klara, Frida, Mette.)

As we were walking, I saw photo ops everywhere :-) ... the sun coming out so immediately after the rain created diamonds in the grass almost everywhere you looked. It was really beautiful. Grass and plants weighted down with beads of water that sparkled in the sun. I took lots of pictures, but unfortunately - although not surprisingly ;-) - most of these didn't come out too well. My camera isn't good enough to capture visuals like those. I did get a few pretty good ones though. The bottom one especially, I'm pretty happy with that. Click on it to see the bigger version, this smallish one doesn't really do it justice. :-)


Rose said...

I love your photos!!! Ask Anne Ida about my "arsty" shots....i was in a gutter trying to capture that first autumn leaf lol
Im trying to explore my photography.... like me, u see so much more in that shot!!!
Hugs xxx

Wonder Man said...

I love the pics too, it looks very peaceful

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks!! :-)

rose: I so agree, the little details of nature can be very 'artsy' if they're captured just right. :-)

wonder man: thanks for commenting. It is very peaceful, it's so far away from everything. It's like when we think maybe we hear a car we all prick up our ears and go What's going on, has something happened?? :-) A far cry from my everyday life in the city, so it's a great place to get away from it all. :-)