Friday, August 1, 2008


And now for something completely different.

July is behind us and so is my saga of the Ark. Alas. Now I'm going to be focusing on my turtles in the next few posts. I've got pictures, I've got videos, I've got adorable anecdotes. Aw.

But first, an update. Henrik broke a claw last weekend, I posted about that. I was curious as to whether it will grow back, and to find that out I went to a place where I knew someone would know - Turtle Times. I posted my question in the forums there and pretty soon I had my answer. Thanks to Matt for that. He is a very experienced keeper of Chinemys reevesii - although he is a couple of years younger than me he has already had his turtle Homer for 24 years. :-o Matt thinks that since there is a bit of claw left, there's every chance that the claw may grow back. Yay. :-) Thanks for reassuring me!! :-)

Anyway ... Matt took a look at the blogpost about Henrik's little mishap and expressed an interest in seeing more of the little guys. So in other words I have a potential reader who's interested in turtle posts! :-o

DONE ... !!! :-D

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