Saturday, August 23, 2008

Raphael out & about

I've posted videos of Henrik and Herman, time to show off Raphael a little bit too. He doesn't have the same outgoingness :-) about his personality that the little guys - especially Herman - have, but, well, I like him anyway. He's my little four-legged friend regardless (although I clearly am not always his big two-legged friend ;-).

I took him out on the lawn on Thursday, because the weather had been so lovely for hours and hours ... lots of sun, I'd seen it through the window at work. :-) But by the time I left work (I work 8am-4pm) it had started to cloud over and by the time I'd gotten home, quickly changed my clothes, forcibly inserted Raphael into the travel cage and gotten out onto the lawn, we had literally FOUR minutes of sunlight left. :-( But we stayed out till it started to rain, anyway ... about half an hour. Better than nothing.

Here he is out on the lawn just after we got there, trying to get out of his travel/carry cage. Well, theirs, it isn't just his. (And it wasn't bought for any of them originally.) But I have another smaller one for just the little guys. For some reason he absolutely hates the cage and doesn't want to be put in it and is always desperate to escape from it. He can climb out of it on his own, he really can ... but on Thursday I gave him a little boost. :-) Of course as soon as he got out he immediately hurried away. :-D

Voice in background: Me saying Come on, you can do it! Come on, now! Hm?

Here he is trying to dig in the grass, but I'm just disturbing him, annoyingly. :-)

Voice in background: Me saying You are so strong! You’re so strong. You sure are.

Digging ...

Having dug. :-) This ... thing ... that he dug (I mean, it can't really be called a hole, can it) was pretty big, almost as big as his body. But then he suddenly lost interest in it and ...

... wandered off. :-)

Here he is walking. He's pretty fast ... you don't turn your back on him for too long, let me put it like that. :-)

Here he is right after we got back inside. In his travel cage, looking very desolate. Sad and down-hearted. Oh noes, trapped again!! :-(

I really don't know why he dislikes that thing so much.

Here he is trying to get out of the cage after we got back inside. Having less luck than last time ... and my assistance wasn't really helping either this time.

Voice in background: Me saying Oh, it’s so awful. But you can’t get out through there, you’ve got to get up and over, like this. That’s where you’ve got to get out. Don’t you understand that? Yeah, well, not right there where the lid is, actuallly. So that was actually pretty bad advice, but. Yes, there! Try again.