Saturday, August 2, 2008

Solar Eclipse, August 1st 2008

The solar eclipse was only partial in this part of the country, only partial in fact in all of the mainland kingdom. It was almost total in most of Svalbard; only on Kvitøya was it really total. The first total solar eclipse on Norwegian territory since 1954. Cool. Check out these completely stupid pictures I took from where I was, at work in Oslo.

The sun behind clouds. You gotta ask why I even bothered.

The clouds dissipated after a while. This is actually a kind of pretty picture even though you can't see shit. :-)

Here's almost everyone who was at work yesterday ... we all went out to take a look. I think there were only two people left inside when I took this. (The two oldest guys at work that day. Old people are so blasé. ;-) No, actually, come to think of it, our youngest sales rep isn't in the picture either. But he was on his way down, so he was there too a little later. :-)

(We all used various welding glasses to protect our eyes. Very convenient, since we sell those. :-)

In this unbelievably shitty picture you can actually see the eclipse. Seriously! Click on it to make it bigger and see for yourself.

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